Asian Educational Philosophies

Our special issue on Asian Educational Philosophies has now been published in the Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education (2021, vol.5, no.2): https://journals.oslomet.no/index.php/nordiccie/issue/view/425

This publication was developed in collaboration with doctoral students from several countries who were enrolled in 2020 in the new course PhD911: Non-Western Educational Philosophy and Policy. We are also developing a book which will include additional chapters and extended discussion.

It is inspiring to see what these young scholars have accomplished, and their work promises to have enduring value.

The course will be offered again soon, in Autumn, 2021 (October 11-22). It is taught entirely online, in intensive format, and available to PhD students anywhere in the world for transferable European higher education credits (5 ECTS).  


Popular Title to be Released as Paperback

I am happy to report that we just today received good news from the press regarding our 2018 book Music Glocalization: Heritage and Innovation in a Digital Age. Here are excerpts from their letter:


Dear David Hebert and Mikolaj Rykowski,

I’m pleased to say that we are planning to release a paperback version of your book Music Glocalization: Heritage and Innovation in a Digital Age (ISBN: 9781527503939). 


Sales of the hardback and academic eBook versions of Music Glocalization: Heritage and Innovation in a Digital Age have been quite encouraging, and we believe we now have a good opportunity to issue a soft cover edition. This is something we do on occasion, for only about 1 in 10 of our published titles – those we feel might have a wider appeal. We would like to try a paperback version of your book at a lower price of £35.99.

This book has indeed sold well and received positive reviews. We are thankful that Cambridge Scholars has identified the book (which is available now in over 600 libraries plus private collections) as selling within roughly the top 10% of their titles, and the press will soon release an affordable 2021 paperback version.  

Below are quotations from sample reviews:  

"One of the major strengths of Music Glocalization is that it clarifies and explains the varied literature circulating around the key word--music glocalization--to broaden our understanding and analysis of a wide variety of music issues. To summarize, this is an indispensable book, and I highly recommend Music Globalization for researchers, students, and libraries with a strong interest in the processes of globalization and localization, musicology, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, cultural sociology, sociology, and communication. It will also be of great interest to those in the field of international, transnational, and cosmopolitan studies." - Professor Wai-Chung Ho, Hong-Kong Baptist University (Cambridge Scholars blog).  

"In its conception and execution, this volume is a noteworthy effort to insert the problematic of glocalization into the disciplines of musicology and ethnomusicology ... The editors' synthesis of the volume's research is highly original and represents a good point of departure for thinking further about the uses of glocalization in musicology." (Victor Roudometof, Ethnomusicology Review, 2019).  

"the first collection on music topics to explicitly deal with the concept of glocalization . . . new and often original examples of the how the transnational circulation of ideas, music, and musicians have contributed--in the 'digital age' as well as in the past--to the relentless, messy process of negotiation and definition of collective and individual identities." - Notes (Music Library Association, 2020).

Here is a link for more information about the book:


Here is a link for the press:




Lecturers for Internationalizing Higher Education

via GIPHY [Globe GIF, open-access, retrieved from: http://gph.is/2cydVrn]

An exciting schedule of lectures has been assembled for our upcoming PhD course Internationalizing Higher Education, part of Bergen Summer Research School (7-17 June 2021).  

Note: This is only the list of guest lecturers, and the other teaching is offered by the main course leaders in Bergen: David G. Hebert, Robert Gray, and Steinar Sætre. The times indicated here are for Paris time zone. 


June 9

16:30-18:30       “COIL Approach to Higher Education Internationalization” Dr. Stefanie Doscher (Director, Collaborative Online International Learning, Florida International University) 


June 11

11:00-12:00       “Defending Scholars at Risk: Responses, Roles and Responsibilities of the International Academic Community” by Dr. Tom Parkinson (Senior Lecturer and Programme Director in Higher Education, University of Kent)


June 14

11:00-12:00       “Internationalization from the Perspective of a European University Rector” by Professor Mircea Dumitru (Director of Institute of Philosophy, Romanian Academy; former Rector, University of Bucharest)

15:30-16:30       KEYNOTE for all of BSRS “Developing Yale's Global Strategy and Scientific Priorities” by Professor Pericles Lewis (Vice President for Global Strategy, Yale University)


June 15              

11:00-12:00       “The Emergence and Institutionalization of New Academic Fields in International Higher Education” by Dr. Tom Parkinson (Senior Lecturer and Programme Director in Higher Education, University of Kent).


Here is a link for more information about this unique course: https://www.uib.no/en/rs/bsrs/138795/internationalising-higher-education