Comparison and Decoloniality

It is a pleasure to announce that our book Comparative and Decolonial Studies in Philosophy of Education has just been published, and is now available as a download via SpringerLink.

Here is a link to the website for that: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-99-0139-5

This book is designed to stimulate alternative ways of understanding the nature and value of education based on historically-informed awareness of ideas from parts of the world that experienced colonization.


Wonderment of Arts in a Fragile World

I look forward to giving a keynote speech soon for the Arts Education Symposium at the Technical University of Kenya. My title is Rediscovering the Wonderment of Arts in a Fragile World, and it will address some of the main themes and lessons learned from some recent research and development projects.

Below is a poster for this event, and here is a link for more information about the symposium: https://tukenya.ac.ke/eap-symposium

Kenya is a nation with a rich artistic heritage and innovative work in arts education fields, so it is exciting to have this opportunity to interact with scholars and educators there, but this keynote speech will necessarily be presented through videoconference.  

In the speech, I will describe some concepts and examples from my latest book, a recent article, and some current and ongoing projects (e.g. CABUTE, Music Talks, NNME, MusiPæd, HK-Global Competence, Sympathetic Resonance, etc.).

Below are links to some other keynote speeches I have recently presented in Uganda and China, as well as the poster for the event in Kenya: