Nordic Summer 2016

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and summer is nearly here.
I look forward to finally sending some fully edited manuscripts to press for publication, and to participating in several music events. 
This summer I have conference presentations in Bergen, Copenhagen, Glasgow, and Stockholm, and will visit family in the USA. I will also sing some opera arias and a duet on June 1 for an event organized by Bergen National Opera. My postgraduate students have recently completed some very interesting theses that I think will in time become publishable journal articles.
I am eager to see two more books (which have taken longer than I had hoped) published at last, and to making progress on three more books, one of which will be published in Chinese, co-authored with Jiaxing Xie at China Conservatory. There are many interesting new developments in the field of music, and so much yet to learn.

UPDATE (July 2, 2016), below is a video from the Operapub event: