Music of Norwegian Composers

I am currently giving music lectures in Bergen as part of a course for international students from seven countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, and Spain), all of whom are visiting Norway for this Spring 2018 semester.

On Monday I give a recital affiliated with the class in collaboration with pianist Mai Goto. Click HERE for a link to the recital program.

For this recital, we are performing music by notable Norwegian composers: EDVARD GRIEG (1843-1907), GEIR TVEITT (1908-1981), HARALD SAEVERUD (1897-1992), and ROLF WALLIN (b.1957).

It is impressive to see how many interesting musicians were born in Bergen, and a major project that I am developing for the near future is an open access online course (MOOC) that demonstrates the Bergen music scene with lots of original interviews and documentary video, supplemented with engaging lectures and fun quizzes to help participants retain the information provided. I am convinced this MOOC will be interesting for people worldwide and increase global interest in music, and music education, in Norway.

(Geirr Tveitt image from Wikipedia)


Arts Policy Course at Chinese Law School

I eagerly look forward to teaching an intensive course on Arts Policy in summer 2018 for China’s distinguished law faculty, at the China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing.

China has one of the world’s oldest traditions of law and literacy, and has shown great respect for the arts since the time of Confucius. It is a nation that is rapidly changing, with noticeable new developments, and increasing international cooperation, every year.

Here are links for more information about China University of Political Science and Law: