Norwegian Band Conductors Conference, 2013

In February of 2013, the Norwegian Band Federation (NMF: Norges Musikkorps Forbunde) will hold its national brass conducting conference at the Grieg Academy-Institute, University of Bergen. I have been asked to give a keynote presentation: “On the Wind Band Movement in Japan, With Reflections on Conditions in Norway”.

Japan, where I lived for several years, is considered to have some of the finest school wind bands in the world, particularly among children aged 10-15; but western Norway, where I now live, appears to have some of the very most outstanding European-style community brass bands, particularly among young adults aged 15 through 40. In recent years, Norwegian bands have consistently won major European brass band competitions. Still, I should mention that Norway also has some notable school wind bands and Japan as well has some strong community brass bands. Wind bands and brass bands are rather closely related ensembles, but have slightly different instrumentation, repertoire and performance traditions, and I have enjoyed some very interesting opportunities to work at length with such ensembles, also in the USA and New Zealand (both European-style bands and ensembles in the Tongan and Maori traditions), as well as in Japan and more recently, Norway. This event will provide an opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences from an international perspective. I look forward to meeting several of the leading Norwegian band conductors at this event.  

Click HERE for an interesting article on Wind Music in Norway by Jan Magnus Dahle. 

Although my work as a Professor of Music in Norway mostly emphasizes music research and academic study of music nowadays, I have continued to play trumpet and do some band conducting here, and some of my recent and current trumpet students play in the award-winning brass bands from this part of Norway.


Nordic Network for Research in Music Education 2013

The Music Department of Bergen University College (Grieg Academy-Faculty of Education) will soon be hosting the The 18th annual conference of the Nordic Network for Research in Music Education (in Bergen, Norway; February 25-28, 2013). We are expecting more than 70 participants for the conference, which includes both PhD students and experienced researchers from across Northern Europe. Below is more information about the conference:

Welcome to the annual NNMPF-conference in Bergen, Norway

Dates: 26th of February – 1st of March

Dinner: Hotel Neptun (Valkendorfsgate 8, Bergen), Thursday evening (20.30–23.00)

Site host: Eiliv Olsen, Bergen University College

Prior to the conference, a PhD seminar will take place in co-operation with Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies (GRS).

The seminar will start Tuesday the 26th at 1 pm and end Wednesday 27th at 11 am, and take place at the Bergen University College. This seminar has the following objective:

- to discuss PhD students projects/papers and provide an organized meeting place and peer environment for doctoral students in music education.

PhD candidates who are in an early stage in their projects are especially welcome. Senior researchers will participate as facilitators for the discussions.
Here is a link for detailed information: