Cultural Heritage and Policy in a Digital Age

In 2018, I will be planning, coordinating and lecturing for a new PhD course open to international scholars entitled Cultural Heritage and Policy in a Digital Age. The course will examine the policy implications of how “big data” is changing human life worldwide.
This interdisciplinary course is offered through the Bergen Summer Research School, organized by “UiB Global”, the unit for Global and Development-Related Research at University of Bergen. The purpose of BSRS is to select accomplished scholars from diverse backgrounds, and an array of academic and professional fields, and apply an international and cross-disciplinary perspective to “address some of the most pressing global challenges of our time.” My partner for this course is Professor Tamsin Jillian Meaney, a prolific educationist with expertise in mathematics, technology and indigenous studies. We hope several PhD students from many countries and fields will be interested in joining us in beautiful Bergen for this program. More details will be posted here at a later stage in the planning process.   
Here is a link for more information on the course:

Below is a description of the BSRS program borrowed from its website (http://www.uib.no/en/rs/bsrs/74475/global-challenges):

Every year, we select five to six PhD-level courses based in some of Bergen’s best research groups, each addressing important global challenges.

The BSRS is committed to produce and disseminate research-based education to address key global challenges through high quality disciplinary, interdisciplinary and problem oriented research-based education.
Definitions and understandings of global challenges are many. The United Nations has formulated a series of Sustainable Development Goals, the World Economic Forum publishes Global Risk Reports, and the UNDP has its frequent Human Development Report. For BSRS such measures will be points of departure, rather than frameworks, for critical reflection and debate. We believe that all disciplines have an obligation to challenge the international development agenda and to seek cross-disciplinary alternatives to the global challenges facing us.

Another starting point for BSRS is Bergen’s place in the world, as an international trading port situated on the rim of enormous marine, water and petroleum resources, close to wild and untouched nature—all limited resources in need of stewardship for a sustainable future. Natural resources, health, poverty, migration, language and culture are some recurring themes of the expertise that are involved in the summer research school.

The Bergen Summer Research School is a partnership of NHH-Norwegian School of Economics, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Chr. Michelsen Institute, and Uni Research, under the leadership of University of Bergen. The five partner institutions all contribute towards critical analysis of po­wer structures and promote a diversified and sustainable society. We all play our part in addressing global challenges and developing skills and initiative to promote a sustainable future. The Bergen Summer Research School is organized by UiB Global.