Sharq Taronalari XII in Samarkand

In late August I will be visiting spectacular Samarkand, Uzbekistan to give a speech for the musicology symposium affiliated with the 12th International Music Festival Sharq Taronalari.

This year’s symposium is called Prospects for the Development of Traditional Musical Art of the Eastern People, and my speech, entitled “World Music Pedagogy: Presenting Central Asian Traditions to the World”, is related to some ongoing writings for the World Music Pedagogy book series on Routledge.

The purpose of my presentation is to introduce Campbell’s WMP model and demonstrate how this innovative approach may be applied so Central Asian music traditions are effectively shared with foreign audiences, thereby broadening global appreciation and understanding of Asian musical heritage.

The Sharq Taronalari festival attracts extraordinarily skilled traditional musicians from across the world, as well as prominent music festival managers and ethnomusicologists. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be invited to this great event and look forward to meeting creative musicians from Uzbekistan and other countries. 

Link to the festival website:

Video from a previous Sharq Taronalari festival (starting from 5:35):

Here is a link for video from the 2019 opening ceremony, with brilliant music and dance: