Activism through Music

The first monograph of our book series will be published in the next few weeks.

We are happy to announce Ambigay Yudkoff’s book Activism through Music During the Apartheid Era and Beyond: When Voices Meet, which is volume 1 of Deep Soundings: The Lexington Series in Historical Ethnomusicology. Other volumes are coming soon. 

Professor Carol Ann Muller (University of Pennsylvania) writes the following about this unique book:

Ambigay Yudkoff has written a beautiful account of the musical activism of South African born music therapist and multilingual singer Sharon Katz. In the wake of the release of political prisoner Nelson Mandela and others in 1990, Katz created a "Peace Train," a large South African interracial youth choir for purposes of racial and cultural reconciliation, collaboration between strangers, who literally traveled South Africa and the United States in a train. This is not a conventional story about music and politics but far more about the need for social and emotional healing through singing together in the post-apartheid era. It is one of a few books on musical activism as a mode of social reparation and intercultural understanding that has value well beyond 1990s South Africa.


Articles on Internationalization of Higher Education

Here are links to two very recent articles on websites of higher education institutions in Bergen.

1.       Article about project to develop PhD program in music education in Uganda: https://www.hvl.no/aktuelt/utviklar-det-forste-doktorgradsprogrammet-innan-musikkpedagogikk-i-det-austlege-afrika/

2.       Article about keynote speech by Yale University Vice President on internationalization of higher education: https://www.uib.no/en/rs/bsrs/145419/developing-yales-global-strategy-and-scientific-priorities

Click HERE for the speech by Prof. Pericles Lewis. 

[Also, a link to my video from Grieg Research School (June 2021) on doctoral supervision in music, and a recent media project on music and African-American identity]