Asian Educational Philosophies

It is a pleasure to announce a special issue of the Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education on the theme “Rethinking Asian Educational Philosophies” (edited by David Hebert). This issue is currently under development for publication in early 2021, and promises to be a unique resource, with updated studies of educational thought in China, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Japan, India, and elsewhere. More details will be posted here in January.


UPDATE (30 January 2021): We have submitted this special issue to NJCIE today with the following article titles:

·       Editorial Introduction: Global competence, decolonization, and Asian educational philosophies”

·       “Comparison of self-reflection in Humboldtian Bildung and the Kyoto School: Educational implications in light of OECD frameworks”

·       “Intergenerational learning and programming: Perspectives from the Philippines”

·       “The Self-Orientalization of Polish music education”

·       “A balanced perspective embodied in Tagore and Hu Shih’s educational philosophies”

·       “Cai Yuanpei’s vision of aesthetic education and its heritage in contemporary China”

·       “On Ki Hadjar Dewantara’s philosophy of education”

·       “Overcoming performativity in Myanmar’s education: Lessons from Theravāda Buddhism”


Also, below is the poster for Bergen Summer Research School, 2021. This is a unique opportunity for PhD students to take an interdisciplinary course for ECTS credits along with doctoral students from around the world. Due to the pandemic, it will be entirely online, and free of charge. The application deadline has been extended to 19 February 2021. 

I will be teaching the BSRS course Internationalizing Higher Education, which is designed to offer new ideas for how to enhance international cooperation among universities. Like previous years, I am also developing original music for the opening event, but this time it will probably need to be a sound recording rather than live performance. 

Here are links for more information: