Online Conference in Uzbekistan

It was enjoyable to give a presentation for the online conference today that was hosted by the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Musicologists joined from several countries, including Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, India, Norway, the UK, USA, Poland, UAE, and Kuwait. There were also brief presentations by the institution's Rectors and representatives from UNESCO.

Proceedings from this event will soon be published in Russian and English. Two of my frequent co-authors also had presentations, Jonathan McCollum and Mikolaj Rykowski (now Vice Rector at the academy in Poland), and it was very interesting to hear about recent developments in Central Asia. Click HERE to access a draft program (of which some details were later modified).  


 Международный научный семинар-конференция

«Шарк тароналари-2019»: взгляды ученых год спустя

(Перспективы развития традиционной музыки народов Востока)



ISME History Standing Committee

It was a pleasure to learn today that I have been appointed to the History Standing Committee of the International Society for Music Education (ISME). I look forward to collaborating in support of the important work of this organization.

I include here an image of the shofar, which for a few thousand years of Jewish tradition has been an important celebratory instrument to be played on this day, September 20 (Rosh Hashanah). A similar instrument has also been used in Norwegian folk music since Viking times.  

Below are some websites related to ISME’s History Standing Committee:




Summer Course 2021: Internationalizing Higher Education

Applications will soon be accepted for the intensive PhD course Internationalizing Higher Education, to be offered through Bergen Summer Research School (June 7-17, 2021).

Depending on the status of the pandemic, the course may be offered entirely online or face-to-face in Bergen. Typically, many students receive scholarships to cover the expense of participation, and the BSRS courses (for ECTS credits) attract PhD students from all around the world.

The application deadline is February 1, 2021. More details will be available soon, and linked to here with updates. For now, click HERE for the course announcement on the BSRS website, click HERE for an earlier announcement about the course concept, and click HERE for the BSRS website with details regarding the application process.


Nature Conservation and Music Sustainability

My article ‘Nature Conservation and Music Sustainability: Fields with Shared Concerns’ has been accepted for publication in the ‘Wild Pedagogy’ special issue of the Canadian Journal of Environmental Education.

Here is a link for the journal, although I expect it will be at least another month before the Wild Pedagogy special issue with my article is published: https://cjee.lakeheadu.ca/

[UPDATE (November 19, 2020): According to the editors, publication of this special issue is delayed until 2021.]

Interdisciplinarity has always been appealing to me, and this is probably the furthest outside my main fields that I have ventured as an author, with readings in environmental education to get a better sense of how music could be relevant, and vice versa. It is always a stimulating intellectual exercise to rethink one's subject area from the orientation of other fields of study, almost like visiting a different country. Hopefully the article will be interesting and useful for some readers.

Shown above is a photo I took near the start of this year while hiking in the woods near my home.