Research Publications, February 2012

In recent weeks I have continued my work as an editorial reviewer for various interdisciplinary research journals in Europe, Asia, and North America, and I am collaborating with international conference organizers on a proposal to develop a symposium proceedings into a published book. Below are some of these publication projects:

Journal of Music and Meaning

JMM: The Journal of Music and Meaning is an on-line peer-reviewed journal for multidisciplinary research on music and meaning. The editorial profile of JMM accommodates an inclusive plurality of methods and disciplines and welcomes contributions from a variety of fields, such as: philosophy, mathematics, physics, musicology, medicine, acoustics, neurology, theology, literary studies, philosophy of science, music pedagogy, computer science, semiotics, sociology, linguistics, religious studies, anthropology, psychology, biology, education studies, music therapy, culture studies, etc. JMM aims to bridge the gap between various studies in meaning and signification and areas of research in music. JMM especially encourages any multidisciplinary research on meaning that is able to challenge conceptions of music, or research that explores the notion of meaning by the study of musical phenomena.


Journal of Urban Culture Research

“JUCR is intended to address topics that, while focused on research and knowledge of fine and applied arts, also offer readers relevant theoretical discussions and act as a catalyst for expanding the knowledge-base in specific areas of creative expression related to Southeast Asia’s urban culture. This journal aims at bringing together researchers and cultural practitioners to identify and share innovative and creative experiences in establishing sustainable and vibrant communities.”


Cultural Translations

The Workshop “Cultural Translations and Transculturality” was held in August 2010 in Varberg, outside Gothenburg, Sweden. In the following year, the International Symposium “Cultural Translations: Research on Japanese Literature in Northern Europe” was organized at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken) in February. Along with the Varberg participants, several additional researchers participated in Kyoto around the theme of transnational and transcultural meetings. This CD offers documentation of the two academic gatherings in Varberg and Kyoto. One of the important goals of the Varberg Workshop and Kyoto Symposium was to ponder the possibility of opening up a new, dynamic research field around the central notion of “Cultural Translations” in Japanese studies. Articles on this CD consequently deal with a breadth of questions, pointing to different directions.


Research and Issues in Music Education

RIME is a privately funded international on-line music education research journal that advances scholarly thought by publishing articles promoting research, dialogue, practice, and policy in music education. RIME publishes quantitative, qualitative, philosophical, historical, speculative, and bibliographic articles that are peer-reviewed and contribute to an understanding of any focus and level of music education.