Nordic Tour of Chinese Musicians

A group of renowned musicians from China will be touring each of the Nordic countries over the next few weeks (September, 2018).The musicians include leading performers of Chinese traditional instruments (yanqing, guzheng, pipa, erhu), professors at Central Conservatory of Music, as well as one of China’s best known composers, and young award-winning performers on piano and violin. The musicians are on a Chinese government-sponsored tour of all Nordic countries, arranged through the Confucius Institute.

I will be joining them in Helsinki, Finland and Bergen, Norway, where I will give some lectures on music in East Asia that are coordinated with their visit. Also, I have been asked by the Director of Norway's Confucius Institute to serve as the MC introducing the ensemble's performance during the concert in Bergen. It will be exciting to see their performances, as well as how European audiences respond, and to also have a chance to see the same musicians later this year in Beijing. We are hoping, within just a few years, to host Chinese musical instrument teachers for a long-term residency in Bergen, Norway.