Twentieth Anniversary Conference in Poznan


Recently I returned to Bergen, Norway after participating in the 20-year jubilee event of the Musica Practica Musica Theoretica series at the Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan, Poland. At this international symposium, it was exciting to see some recent developments in music scholarship coming from Poland and nearby countries. This series of annual events has been organized and hosted by Mikolaj Rykowski and colleagues at the academy across recent years and was founded by his mentor at the academy. 

Poznan is a lovely place (central square pictured here), and as Mikolaj and I noticed when we worked together on the book Music Glocalization, it was also the birthplace of sociologist and globalization theorist Zygmunt Bauman. It was a pleasure to give a presentation in Poznan on methods for research on revival of ancient music, as well as to chair a session on “Artistic Research and Other Methodologies” and participate as a panelist in the concluding plenary discussion on Artistic Research Methods in Music along with Stefan Ostersjo, Mikolaj Rykowski and others. Some of the ideas we discussed are described at length in the book Shared Listenings, although the panel was not specifically about intercultural projects. 

Earlier, I gave a guest lecture, “Research in International Music Education: Issues and Methods”, for the music Master program at Beijing Normal University-Zhuhai campus, and I look forward to returning to China later this year.

In Bergen we are now preparing a PhD course for Bergen Summer Research School and developing multiple new PhD courses through the Global Competence Partnership project.



Hong Kong, Spring 2024


This month I have been visiting Hong Kong as Honorary Professor with the Education University of Hong Kong. This visit was made possible through the Global Competence Partnership project, and my main objective is to plan further exchange between our institutions, especially at the doctoral and postgraduate levels. 

Here I have especially been collaborating with Koji Matsunobu, who now  leads the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at EdUHK, and I have participated in his postdoctoral research group meeting (with Lexuan Zhang, Luna Ning Luo and Robbie Ming Hon Ho) and the doctoral seminar (coordinated by Lexuan) as well as a doctoral qualifying examination for Kay Li Wing Ki. 

This has also been an excellent opportunity to meet with ISME President Bo-wah Leung and other colleagues here such as composer and music technologist Michael Chi Hin Leung and music education researchers Yang Yang and Matthew Thibeault. I also met with prolific music education historian Prof. Wai-Chung Ho (Hong Kong Baptist University), who has produced several interesting books across the past decade.   

During my time here, a delegation with students from Nara University of Education came to visit, with a joint symposium and concert, and through that event I had a chance to meet with the Japan-based Chinese ethnomusicologist Prof. Lin-Yu Liou.

It has also been a great pleasure to get to know two fine young classical pianists, Dr. Suzuki Keishi (Nara University of Education, Japan) and Dr. Philbert King Yue Li (Education University of Hong Kong). Philbert has generously met with me to sightread through some romantic art songs and I am looking into whether it may be possible to plan a lecture-recital series for the next time I visit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is certainly an exciting place for music education and related fields, and I look forward to seeing what develops through our collaboration.


Deep Soundings, Volume IV

I am happy to report that Volume IV is now being printed, the latest monograph in the Lexington Series in Historical Ethnomusicology: Deep Soundings

It is a pleasure to edit this book series, which provides new insights into global music heritage. 

Below is our list of recent titles and forthcoming (contracted) books:


Vol. I (2021), by Ambigay Raidoo Yudkoff, PhD:

Activism through Music during the Apartheid Era and Beyond: When Voices Meet


Vol. II (2022), by David G. Hebert, PhD and Jonathan McCollum, PhD (editors):

Ethnomusicology and Cultural Diplomacy


Vol. III (2022), by Raja Iskandar Bin Raja Halid, PhD:

The Malay Nobat: A History of Power, Acculturation and Sovereignty


Vol. IV (2024), by Mikolaj Rykowski, PhD:

Music Glocalization and the Composer: The Case of Franz Xaver Scharwenka


Vol. V (forthcoming, 2025), by Amy Frishkey, PhD:

Navigating Neo-Traditionalism in Garifuna Popular Music


Vol. VI (forthcoming, 2025), by Matthew Machin-Autenrieth, PhD:

The Spanish-Moroccan Musical Brotherhood: Colonial Legacies, Interculturalism and Cultural Memory across the Strait of Gibraltor 




Music Talks II Project

The GAME research group will soon be completing its application for funding to extend the Music Talks project as Music Talks II, which will build further on our previous methods but emphasize the design and application of new digital tools. We are thankful for the EU's Erasmus Plus funding and hopeful the project will continue.

Music Talks produces evidence-based methods for using music to promote civic engagement among European youth, and is based on a collaboration between Nordic, Baltic, and Balkan organizations in multiple sectors: a university, community schools, and youth-oriented NGOs. 

In addition to the materials on the Music Talks website, we will soon have the following academic outcome:

Hebert, D. G. & Johnson, D. (in press, 2024). Global music communities and civic engagement in the digital age. In D. Blandy & F. Bastos (Eds.), Promoting Civic Engagement through Art Education: A Call to Action for Creative Educators. Routledge. 


Four Decades of Folk Music Research in Finland


It is inspiring to now have an opportunity to participate in the 40-Year Jubilee Symposium of the Folk Music Department at Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki.  


I used to work as a Professor there about 15 years ago and helped to establish its Master of Global Music program. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to return and see the current situation, as well as to meet other singing researchers as part of the Singing Maps project managed by my colleague David Johnson.


The symposium will be live-streamed on the University of the Arts YouTube channel, and links for the streaming are provided at the end of the program. Click HERE to access the symposium program.



Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helsinki#/media/File:Helsinki_July_2013-27a.jpg



Horizon Europe Submission 2024

It is exciting to now be completing an application for the EU’s Horizon Europe large research grant program. These applications are massive, requiring hundreds of man-hours to develop. For this application, we lead a consortium of 10 partners from 8 countries, seeking 3 million euros, so every detail must be carefully considered. There is likely to be stiff competition, but we seem to have outstanding competence in our team, with a great concept, design, and methodology for a project that promises to have a significant positive impact.  

Our Project Board includes the following people: Sociologist Tia DeNora (University of Exeter), philosopher Kathleen Higgins (University of Texas), and composer/media artist Sandeep Bhagwati (Concordia University, Canada).

If funded, we would be able to pursue original research and development that makes important steps toward alleviating some concerning social problems.

We carefully developed a project to fit exactly what the EU is seeking, so let’s hope the evaluation committees support the proposal!

Deadline Extended for BSRS

The application deadline has been extended for Bergen Summer Research School, and PhD students from around the world are encouraged to apply. Generous scholarships are available especially to support qualified students from the Global South so they can participate in Bergen, Norway this summer.

An exciting set of interdisciplinary courses is available.

Click HERE for more information. Application deadline: 15 February 2024