International Music Institutions Leaders Forum 2014

I am pleased to announce an exciting new development scheduled for this Autumn (2014). As part of the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the founding of China Conservatory, the International Music Institutions Leaders Forum (IMILF) - a global meeting for directors of higher education music institutions - will be held in Beijing (September 19-22).

Here is a partial list of speakers for this event:

Keynote Addresses: 
-Gary McPherson (University of Melbourne, Australia)
-Jiaxing Xie (China Conservatory-Beijing)
-David Hebert (Bergen University College, Norway)

Invited Speakers:
-Jonathan Stock (University College Cork, Ireland)
-Marianne Løkke Jakobsen (Royal Conservatory, Copenhagen, Denmark)
-Alex Ruthmann (New York University, USA)
-Patricia Gonzalez (University of Chihuahua, Mexico)
-Dan Bendrups (Griffith University, Australia)
-Gabriel Solis (University of Illinois, USA)
-Boh Wah Leung (Hong Kong Institute of Education, China)
-David Williams (University of South Florida, USA)
-Paul Woodford (Western University, Ontario, Canada)

Other speakers and participants will soon be confirmed.
Also, more information about this unique event will soon be posted on the China Conservatory website, which I will link to here when it becomes available.

Below are some relevant links.  

Program pages from IMILF-Beijing, September 2014: https://app.box.com/s/1f29y9j89x3i23xpvmf4

China Conservatory: http://en.ccmusic.edu.cn/

Link to information on next IMILF (IFLMI) event:


Sociology of Music in Japan

It is exciting to now be participating in the XVIII World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama, Japan, following some teaching for Yokohama National University. Yokohama is a fascinating city that served as a center of westernization from the mid-nineteenth century onward, and it continues to be a globally significant hub of innovation (see above photo of the city skyline, which I took yesterday). This conference, with the theme of “Facing an Unequal World” has more than 6,000 participants from all throughout the world, and more than 60 of the paper presentations address some aspect of music from a sociological perspective. I am serving as Chair and Discussant for a session entitled “Sociological Approaches to Western Music in Japan”. The session features two quite interesting papers by Japanese scholars: Musicology in Post-War Japan: German Influence and Social Context, by Naomi MIYAMOTO, and “Japanese” Approaches to the Music of Frédéric Chopin, by Yasuko SHIBATA

UPDATE: Due to a program change, I also served as Chair of a session on Sociology of Art in Japan
In Yokohama, I have also been meeting with various academic presses that seem very interested in possibilities for several future books that I am either already writing or intend to produce. I am especially eager to secure a contract for the book I am currently editing, Translation, Education, and Innovation: Proceedings of the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Nordic Association for Japanese and Korean Studies.
Who will publish it, and what about the other books I am developing?: Brill, Springer, Palgrave-Macmillan, Routledge? We will see . . .

Links for more information: