Symposium on Comparative Educational Philosophy


UPDATE: Here is a link for those who would like to join our online presentation Comparative Philosophies of Education: https://baice.ac.uk/events/baice-students-roundtable-session-comparative-philosophies-of-education/


I look forward to giving an online presentation on January 29 for the British Association for International and Comparative Education. My role for our symposium is as a Discussant, responding to philosophical papers presented by a group of excellent PhD students from five different countries—Adam Switala (Poland), Thu Thu (Myanmar), Czarecah Tuppil Oropilla (Philippines), Luna Luo (China), and Dorothy Ferary (Indonesia)—who are among those that participated in my 2020 course PhD911: Non-Western Educational Philosophy and Policy.

It is exciting to see what these bright young thinkers are accomplishing, and a thrill to be part of it. They are from the same group of scholars who are collaborating with me in development of a special issue on Asian Philosophies for the Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education

This BAICE event is hosted by Dorothy Ferary, to whom we are grateful for the invitation. We are eager to present our ideas, obtain feedback, and publish our work within a few months. A link to the event, with further details, will be posted here when it is made available. 

I am hoping we will also manage to attract a few more qualified students to the upcoming Bergen Summer Research School, which includes a new PhD course Internationalising Higher Education


Thanh Thuy Nguyen in Bergen

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Thanh Thuy Nguyen has been awarded full funding from the Swedish Research Council for a 3-year position as Postdoctoral Researcher with the Grieg Academy Music Education (GAME) and Kairos research groups here in western Norway.

Dr. Nguyen is a renowned master performer on the Vietnamese instrument dan tranh—who works as a professional musician in both traditional and experimental genres—and is also an accomplished researcher. We look forward to mutually-beneficial collaboration in both research and creative music projects.     

Below are links for further information about her artistic and scholarly output: