Deep Soundings into the Future

Across the past year we have received some excellent proposals for our new book series Deep Soundings: The Lexington Series in Historical Ethnomusicology (Rowman & Littlefield). This exciting series will soon include some unique books on musical developments in South Africa and Malaysia, as well as music-related cultural diplomacy in many locations worldwide. More details will be posted here as the individual book projects near completion and are prepared for publication.

Here is a link for further information on the book series:


Vol. I (2021), by Ambigay Raidoo Yudkoff, PhD:
Activism through Music during the Apartheid Era and Beyond: When Voices Meet

Vol. II (2022), by David G. Hebert, PhD and Jonathan McCollum, PhD (editors):
Ethnomusicology and Cultural Diplomacy

Vol. III (2022), by Raja Iskandar Bin Raja Halid, PhD:
The Malay Nobat: A History of Power, Acculturation and Sovereignty

Vol. IV (forthcoming, 2023), by Mikolaj Rykowski, PhD:
Music Glocalization and the Composer: The Case of Franz Xaver Scharwenka 

Vol. V (forthcoming, 2024), by Amy Frishkey, PhD:
Navigating Neo-Traditionalism in Garifuna Popular Music 

Vol. VI (forthcoming, 2025), by Matthew Machin-Autenrieth, PhD:
The Spanish-Moroccan Musical Brotherhood: Colonial Legacies, Interculturalism and Cultural Memory across the Strait of Gibraltor  

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