Summer Teaching in Arts Policy

For the next two weeks, I will be teaching in Norway for our new PhD course Cultural Heritage and Policy in a Digital Age, a part of the Bergen Summer Research School: Global Challenges.  

To launch the BSRS opening event, I am also premiering an original piece on trumpet and piano, composed in collaboration with pianist Mai Goto. Fitting the program theme, we call it Facing Global Challenges.

UPDATE (15 June 2018): Here is a link to an article about BSRS!:

Our PhD course, which I am co-teaching with prolific math educationist and Indigenous Studies researcher Tamsin Meaney, has attracted accomplished scholars from all around the world, representing an array of academic and professional fields: from Norway, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Indonesia, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, Guyana, and Greece. Their fields of specialization include archaeology, music, library/information science, law, public relations, socio-political studies, comparative literature, language arts, media technology, global studies, comparative politics, and museum studies. We have so much to learn from each other, and there are many good reasons to anticipate a very stimulating and profoundly meaningful experience together in Bergen, Norway!

Here is a link to projects from the course:

After BSRS, I teach a course for China’s leading law school, which nowadays has the world’s largest law faculty, CUPL-Beijing. That course is called “Arts Policy in the 21st Century”.

Later, I will go to Baku, Azerbaijian to chair two panel presentations at the 33rd world conference of the International Society for Music Education. The titles of these sessions are (1) “Advancing Music Education in Northern Europe: Authorship in a State-Sponsored International Network” and (2) “From China to the World: Internationalizing an Innovative Music Education Initiative”.

It is inspiring to have the chance to work with such diverse and thoughtful students, and to catch up with colleagues from across the world.

[Shown above is a photo I took of the harbour in Bergen a few days before BSRS. Below is a video of our performance from the opening day]

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