Disruption and Recovery

Life can be full of difficult surprises, but the resolute accept, recover, and press on. It is a relief for my life to finally be back to normal after an incredibly complicated year, and to now be returning to various artistic and scholarly endeavors. Following the worst illness of my life (pneumonia caught in Brazil in the autumn), I had to finish resolving a complicated divorce in the spring, which in the summer was followed by the worst injury of my life: a concussion resulting in months of Post Concussive Syndrome. Displayed here is the last photo I took before the debilitating head injury: a peaceful image of wind chimes above Big Sur, California that returned many times as I was recuperating from the concussion. I am thankful to now be very healthy and focused, ready to complete all projects that were unavoidably delayed, and able to take on new projects with confidence in 2017.

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