Performing Sound and Sentiment, Self and Society

The Grieg Research School has announced its next seminar.

Subject/Focus: Interdisciplinary Music Studies – The study of musical performance

Title: Performing sound and sentiment, self and society

Place: University of Bergen

Dates: November 28 –December 2, 2011

Click HERE to access the program website.

Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies is a network–based research school set up by Musicnet West institutions in Western Norway and co-ordinated by the University of Bergen.

The seminar is designed for 15-20 candidates, of which 10 will be candidates with a paper.

The research seminar invites candidates to present PhD work-in-progress from the fields of music education, music therapy, musicology, and music performance. The course is also open for candidates attending The National Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowships Programme. Additionally, the course is open for higher music education staff on research qualification programmes. Senior researchers and supervisors are particularly welcome and may present papers if there is space in the program.

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