Japan-Norway Symposium on Music Education Policy

A symposium is scheduled for September 13, 2013 at Bergen University College on the theme of comparing music education in Norway and Japan.

Researchers from the following institutions will participate: Bergen University College, Grieg Academy, University of Bergen-Department of Education, University of Bergen-Japanese Studies Program, University of Chiba, Yokohama National University, Tokyo Gakugei University, and Saitama University.

Below is the symposium program, which will soon be displayed on Bergen University College's website:

International Symposium: Educational Policy and Music in Norway and Japan

Co-Sponsored by Center for Educational Research and Center for Arts, Culture, and Communication, Bergen University College
Friday, 13 September, 2013, 13:00-18:00
Room: D411; Faculty of Education, Bergen University College-Landås

13:30-Introductory Remarks, Prof. David Hebert (Bergen University College, HiB)
13:40-Introduction to the HiB Center for Arts, Culture and Communication (SEKKK), the Research Program in the Arts, and Doctoral Studies at Bergen University College, Dr. Gunnar Karlsen (SEKKK Center Leader).
13:55-14:20- Keynote Presentation, Prof. Masafumi Ogawa (Yokohama National University): “Overview of Music Education Policy and Practices in Japan”  

International Roundtable: “Music Education and Gender in Norway and Japan” (14:20-14:40). Chair: Silje Valde Onsrud (HiB). Discussants: Michi Tanaka, Chie Osawa, Prof. Honda, David Hebert, Silje Valde Onsrud.

Session A- Music Education Doctoral Research in Norwegian Schools (Two 15-minute papers, each followed by Discussion). Chair: David Hebert (HiB)
-Paper 1 (14:45): Silje Valde Onsrud (PhD student, HiB) on her doctoral dissertation, “Gender at Stake: A Study of Secondary School Students’ ‘Musicking’” 
-Paper 2 (15:00): Tine Grieg Viig (PhD student, HiB) on her doctoral dissertation, “Collaborative Compositional Processes in Music Education”
-Discussion: “Doctoral Research in Bergen”

*** 15:30-15:50-COFFEE BREAK (20 minutes) ***

Session B- Research from Norwegian Institutions: in Japan and at Home (15:50-17:10: Three 20-minute papers followed by discussion). Chair: Benedicte Irgens (UiB)
-Paper 1: Benedicte Irgens (Head of Japanese program, University of Bergen): “Educational Exchange With Japan, and Research on Japan in Norwegian Institutions”  
-Paper 2: David Hebert (HiB): “Cooperative Learning and Mentorship: Strategies for the Nurturing of Talent in Japanese School Bands”
-Paper 3: Jan Emil Ellingsen (HiB) and Anne Grete Danielsen (UiB): “The Talent Project: How Sport Coaches Identify and Develop Talent in Children and Youth”  
-Discussion: “Research from Norwegian Institutions” 

Session C- International Comparison (17:10-17:45: Two short presentations followed by group discussion and concluding remarks). Chair: Masafumi Ogawa (Yokohama)
-Paper 1: Mai Goto (Grieg Academy) “Personal Reflections from Piano Studies Across Borders: Comparing Osaka and Bergen” [10 min., then 5 min. discussion]
-Paper 2: David Hebert (HiB) “Comparing Arts Education Policy in Finland and Norway” [15 min.]

Group Discussion and Concluding Remarks, Prof. David Hebert (17:45-18:00)

19:00-SYMPOSIUM DINNER (at Zupperia, Torget/harbor location: free meal for presenters)
Late evening: “CULTURE NIGHT 2013” (many free arts events in downtown Bergen) 

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