Bones Brass Concert, October 2012

On October 28, Bønes Brass, a lively senior brass band from the community of Bønes (in the greater Bergen area), will give a public concert.

The band has been practicing hard on a nice variety of interesting pieces, which I will conduct: Carol of the Shepherds (Philip Sparke), The Young in Heart Suite: I. Resolution, II. Reverie, and III. Recreation (by Eric Ball), Spring (Edvard Grieg), Tango Royale (including Tango by Albeniz, Gitano by Leoncavallo, and Habanera by Bizet) and jazz (Basin Street Blues), as well as a powerful hymn called Deep Harmony (by Handel Parker, arranged by Roy Newsome).  

More details, including precise time and location, will be posted here soon.

Bønes Brass:

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