Seminar on Artistic Research

A seminar on artistic research (practice-based research in the arts) will be offered at room C033 of the Faculty of Education in Landas, Bergen University College, Norway (Sept. 25, 2012).

The seminar will feature Norwegian visual artist Synneva Heradstveit and Latvian jazz vocalist Inga Berzina. The program is sponsored by the Faculty’s Center for Arts, Culture, and Communication, and organized by Professors David Hebert and Aslaug Nyrnes of Bergen University College. Contact either organizer if you would like to participate.


08:30-09:30- Synneva Heradstveit: Exhibition and text (this part will be in Norwegian)
09:30-09:45- Coffee break
09:45-10:10- David Hebert - Approaches to artistic research
10:10-10:30- Dr Inga Berzina - Latvian leading jazz vocalist on artistic development
10:30-11:00- Discussion

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