A Time to Write

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

It is definitely a time to write (at least for me). Editors and presses are waiting, so for the next several months I will mostly be offline, focused entirely on writing everyday so I can finally fulfill my obligations before moving to the next step in life.

I am thrilled to have accepted a permanent job as full Professor in Norway, and eagerly look forward to moving there to begin work in the summer of 2011.


My writings appear in the following publications:


Wind Bands and Cultural Identity in Japanese Schools: An Ethnography and Social History (forthcoming monograph, Springer press), Patriotism and Nationalism in Music Education (forthcoming co-edited book, Ashgate press), Cultural Translation: Research on Japanese Literature in Northern Europe (2011 symposium proceedings), Oxford Handbook of Music Education (G. McPherson & G. Welch, Eds., in press), Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, Vol. 1, Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, Vol. 2, Sociology and Music Education, Making Music (minor contributions to bestselling textbook series, Silver Burdett), Music Education in the Asia Pacific Region, Orally Transmitted Music and Intercultural Education, De-Canonizing Music History, Music Education for Changing Times: Guiding Visions for Practice, Music of Japan Today, Alta Musica, Music Competition, Cooperation, and Community: An Ethnography of a Japanese School Band.


1. Journal of Music and Meaning (review essay)

2. International Journal of Community Music

3. Visions of Research in Music Education

4. Parlando (in Hungarian translation; English version online)

5. Research and Issues in Music Education (article and rejoinder)

6. Research in New Zealand Performing Arts (article and review)

7. International Journal of Education and the Arts (review 1 / review 2)

8. International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music

9. Asia-Pacific Journal of Arts Education

10. Journal of Research in Music Education

11. Finnish Journal of Music Education (2 articles)

12. Japanese Journal of Research in Music Education (brief conference summary, in Japanese translation)

13. Japanese Band Directors Association Journal (2 research articles in Japanese translation)

14. Journal of the Indian Musicological Society (reprinted in book)

15. Contributions to Music Education

16. Journal of Band Research

17. Yamanashi Journal of General Education

18. International Journal of Music Education

19. NBA Journal

In review:

20. Music Education Research International

21. Southern Journal of Music Education

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