Nichibunken Residency

It is exciting to have the opportunity this summer to be a Visiting Research Scholar at Nichibunken, the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, in Kyoto, Japan. Nichibunken is a division of Japan’s National Institutes for the Humanities, and is a uniquely important resource for foreign researchers who specialize in studies of Japanese culture. The image linked here (which I found on the internet) is from the Nichibunken library, a state-of-the art facility that offers large collections and databases as well as access to content from rare historical documents. At Nichibunken, I will be broadening the scope of my research on wind music in Japan to include study of conductors, the musical instrument industry, government policies, and noteworthy ensembles. I think this research will have implications for musicians, educators, and scholars in other nations because in recent generations Japan has become globally influential in many areas of music. I look forward to interacting with the outstanding scholars at Nichibunken, and to publishing the findings from this new research.

Here is a link to my Research Agenda, which indicates recent and forthcoming publications, as well as some current/ongoing projects.

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