International Presentations in October

In a few weeks I will present a lecture in Sweden entitled “Musical Creativity and Identity among Three Māori Women Songwriters” for the seminar on Song and Music in Minority Regions, as part of the Liet Lavlut festival [http://www.liet.nl/home.php?l=7]. According to Birger Winsa, “Liet Lavlut is the biggest cultural festival for minority languages in Europe, lasting four days, from Thursday - Sunday October 16-20, 2008.On Saturday is the festival’s academic seminar Song and Music in Minority Regions (09.00 - ca 16.00).

Here is a PDF file of the program for the seminar: http://www.liet.nl/admin/upload/pdf/musikseminarium-pitea-080903_34.pdf.

The seminar is arranged by the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research and other partners, including the Music School of Piteå, SWEBLUL and Joensuu University.

At the end of October, I will also give two presentations in the United States for the Society for Ethnomusicology 53nd Annual Conference at Wesleyan University, in Middletown, Connecticut (October 25-28, 2008) [http://www.indiana.edu/~semhome/2008/index.shtml].

The first is a general session paper presentation entitled “Intercultural Music Transmission in the History of New Zealand Brass Bands.”

The second presentation is a brief lecture for the Historical Ethnomusicology Special Interest Group session entitled “Reconciling Emic/Etic Paradox in Glocal Music Historiography.” This presentation will highlight the implications of some findings I discussed earlier at the De-Canonizing Music History conference.

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