Honkfest Workshop is Here!


A multicultural brass band workshop with sociomusicologists Charles Keil and David Hebert.

Honk Workshop: Saturday, Oct 6, 12:30 - 2:30 PM

Tufts University Granoff Music Center
20 Talbot Ave

The purpose of the Honk Workshop is to enable high school, college, and community participants to form a performing Honk ensemble that can march in the Honk parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square on Sunday the 7th. This will entail learning some basic rhythms and horn riffs in the New Orleans second line tradition, a bit of funk, and perhaps some samba and salsa as well.

All levels of musical proficiency are welcome.

The "Honkfest Workshop" is organized by popular music expert Reebee Garofalo at Tufts University as part of Honkfest, October 5-7, 2007 [www.honkfest.org]. Street bands from throughout the United States, and as far away as Italy, Montreal, and New Orleans are joining Honkfest, and the associated workshop provides applied instruction in this important form of community music. The event is sponsored and hosted by the Tufts University Music Department community outreach initiative [http://www.tufts.edu/musiccenter/resources/].

Link to Boston Globe article on Honkfest:


After jamming a bit with them, Edward Buckner asked me to play solo trumpet with the
Original Big Seven Social Aid and Pleasure Club
for their performances at Honkfest. They are an excellent band with great grooves from the heart of New Orleans tradition, and I am thrilled to have the chance to perform with them.

Video of New Orleans Social Aid and Pleasure Club

  • Notable participants include the Somerville Mayor and renowned radio personalities Click and Clack.
  • Performers include the legendary band Original Big Seven from New Orleans in their first New England performance since Katrina.
  • Speakers at the event include Reebee Garofalo (author of notable books such as Rockin Out, Policing Pop, and Rockin the Boat) and Charles Keil (author of numerous music books, including Urban Blues, Tiv Song, Polka Happiness, Music Grooves, My Music, Bright Balkan Morning, and Born to Groove).


Honkfest West is coming next!:


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