Summertime in Kyoto

Here is a fairly recent photo of me in Kyoto.

I will probably not be blogging often (much too busy), but this seems to be a useful place to post upcoming events of interest and a link to a recent version of my Curriculum Vitae.

Why do professors post their CVs online anyway? It can appear immodest, yet academia is a rather complicated world in which one's background and creative activities are often of great interest to both students and peers. Particularly for younger professors who teach at the Doctoral level it can be very useful to put this information"out there" where anyone who is curious can access it. Having such information in the public domain enables scholars to identify areas of common interest and to understand each other's "research agenda", theoretical approach, and methodological orientation. For artists, such information is useful in that it helps one identify potentially compatible collaborators for new and inspiring projects.

Link to my Profile page and CV:

Click HERE to access

Here are links to some recent open-access online publications:

Thai-Maori Musical Exchange Project

Essay Review of The Study of Ethnomusicology

Article on quality assurance in online music education

Article that describes a music education project among Native Americans:


Also, here are links to images from music projects across recent years:

Recording on trumpet in Tokyo JVC Studios with jazz pianist Johnny Todd and Midori Takamura -
http://www.funkhorn.com/blog/img/060604_04.jpg / www.midoritakamura.com/david.jpg

Tanglewood II-Charting the Future (2007), symposium on music learning -

Rehearsing jazz with trumpet in David Hebert Group -

Jazz album cover from David Hebert Group -

Playing Thai cymbals with Maori music student -

"Poeformance" in Tokyo: with Japanese Butoh dancer and Belgian poet Eric Van Hove -


Conducting original composition in Tokyo -

/ www.transcri.be/opera1.html

Performing on trumpet in Auckland with wonderbrass -

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