Keynote Speech in Azerbaijan

[UPDATE (1 September, 2017): Visit Postponed.] 
It is a great pleasure to report that I have been asked to be an Invited Speaker for the musicology conference Musical Traditions in a Globalizing World at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory in Baku, in October of this year. Also, one of my recent books was reviewed in the latest edition of Konservatoriya, a major musicology journal in Azerbaijan. The singing techniques of Azerbaijan’s rich Mugham tradition are deeply impressive, and it will be exciting to visit there for the first time and see the performances in person.

Also, here is a link to a very positive review of our book Theory and Method in Historical Ethnomusicology in the Azerbaijani musicology journal Konservatoriya:
Translation of key points:
“the first great book on historical ethnomusicology . . . published by a new generation of researchers, Jonathan McCollum and David Hebert . . . this sophisticated collection of articles is regarded as valuable research from across recent years due to its scientific novelty, thorough content, and extensive capabilities for application . . . The editors deeply analyze the valuable contributions of their predecessors and contemporaries, and attain a unified direction for their colleagues’ efforts . . . an important achievement of contemporary ethnomusicology”

Here is a link for other book reviews:

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