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Announcing the Grieg Academy Music Education research group (GAME) . . . . . . .

GAME - The Grieg Academy Music Education Research Group
(Griegakademiets forskergruppe for musikkpedagogikk)

The Grieg Academy Music Education research group (GAME) was created in 2015 as a collaboration between music education researchers at Bergen University College and the University of Bergen for the purpose of establishing and promoting new research projects in the field of music education.

GAME will work for:
Development of new knowledge that stimulates critical reflection on pedagogical and learning practices in music education
Development of, and recruitment toward, postgraduate music education studies on the Master and PhD-levels.
Active conference participation and presentations of GAME-related research projects, in local, national, and international settings.
Expanding contact and collaboration with other research environments and individual scholars in Norway and abroad.
Planning and implementation of events in Bergen for knowledge sharing across the music teaching profession.

Members of the research group:

David G. Hebert, Professor, Bergen University College (leader of GAME)
Steinar Sætre, Associate Professor, University of Bergen
Tom Eide Osa, Associate Professor, University of Bergen
Tiri Bergesen Schei, Associate Professor, Bergen University College
Silje Valde Onsrud, Associate Professor, Bergen University College
Aslaug Furholt, Assistant Professor, Bergen University College


Major Research Topics of Shared Interest 

Musical knowledge, music performance research, philosophy of music/education, music in early childhood, musical identity, improvisation and creativity, music education in East Asia, performance-based learning

Research Methodologies:
Ethnography, historiography, qualitative interviews, global studies, video analyses

Theoretical Orientations:
Transdisciplinarity, gender theory, sociocultural theory, phenomenology, globalization/internationalism, motivational theory, social epistemology

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