Music Lectures in North America and Asia

I will spend much of November of this year in North America for various music lectures and presentations. First, I will chair a session on “Teaching and Learning” at the Society for Ethnomusicology conference in New Orleans, and also attend the Historical Ethnomusicology meeting to discuss a book I am co-editing with Jonathan McCollum entitled Theory and Method in Historical Ethnomusicology (forthcoming, 2013, Rowman & Littlefield).

Later, I will give lectures based on my two books from 2012 (Wind Bands and Cultural Identity in Japanese Schools and Patriotism and Nationalism in Music Education) at the following universities:

-University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA, United States [Click HERE for a poster]

-Pacific University, Oregon, United States [Click HERE for a poster]  

-University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada 

-Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan

-Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo, Japan

-Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan [Click HERE for a poster]

-China Conservatory, Beijing, China [Click HEREHERE and HERE for photos]  

*** Meetings also scheduled with scholars at University of Tokyo, Yamanashi University, and Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music, as well as commissioning editors with NTT publishing. ***

I always look forward to such opportunities to meet many other music researchers and share ideas. 

For spring of 2013, funding has been arranged for week-long residencies to teach master classes for universities in Sweden and Latvia, and plans are also at the beginning stages for a keynote lecture in Africa (Tanzania) at a conference during the summertime.  

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