Music in an Uncertain Global Economy

Here are two important news stories of relevance to the future of music in the global economy:

(1) According to a very recent report, Google (in partnership with Warner, Sony, Universal, EMI, and others) has just launched a new music service in China that may help open an enormous music market that has until now consisted of 99% pirated copies and illegal file sharing. In theory, this could be a very positive development for professional musicians, but will it be so?


(2) A BBC World Service survey of 29,000 people has found “broad support for reform of the international economic system ahead of the G20 summit.” According to the article, “More than 70% of people in 29 countries think major changes are needed in the way the global economy is run.”


Despite such survey results, there is also strong evidence that many place little faith in the G20:


Also, here is a link to the 2009 digital music report of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, which offers an industry perspective on recent changes in music production and consumption:


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